Magic Tree House

Love it. This is my favorite new series (new meaning since I was a kid and not including my childhood favorites: Narnia, Laura Ingalls, Ramona etc)

Annie and Jack are a brother and sister who travel through time by way of a magic tree house, always on a mission from Morgan La Fay (who I remember from Camelot though nothing about her historical identity in what I’ve read so far.)

When reading these books, kids get to learn all about history in a fun, compelling way. The author is careful to research facts from the time she is writing about (ancient China, Paris in the twenties etc). She always gets the clothing exactly right too. Both characters are brave and share the central starring roles pretty equally though Jack’s name almost always seems to come before Annie’s. This second billing status may seem like a detail, but if you see how it evolves into Hollywood movies and vastly differing payscales, it’s important to note.

Magic Tree House is great for kids learning how to read; the pacing is perfect. It’s challenging for my six year old but not too frustrating for her. My three year old can follow the plotlines and stays interested, unlike something like The Hobbit which bores the younger one and enthralls the older one. ***GG*** rating

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