Little Miss Trouble

A female in the title of a book series is not always a sign of girl empowerment. The Little Miss books are some of the worst ever. Just the title phrase, “Little Miss,” is irritating, and the personalities of these girl characters are even more annoying. Following the Little Miss moniker, there is often a sterotypical “female” negative characteristic, for example charcaters include Little Miss Bossy (Do people ever call boys bossy? Or would it be “Little Mr. Assertive”?) There is Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Tidy, Little Miss Scatterbrain etc.Usually, the Little Miss is the only girl up against five or six innocent males she is causing trouble for with names like Mr. Clever (Not little Mr. Clever) and Doctor Makeyouwell.

2 thoughts on “Little Miss Trouble

  1. You conveniently forgot:

    Little Miss Wise
    Little Miss Brainy

    And also forgot that the Mr. Men series has:

    Mr. Greedy
    Mr. Mean
    Mr. Chatterbox (released BEFORE Little Miss Chatterbox)
    Mr. Rude

    Men have just as many negative stereotypes as women, albeit different ones.

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