Junie B. Jones

I don’t like Junie B. She is such a brat! I know Ramona can be bratty, and I like her, and also that kids love to hear about other kids getting in trouble. There’s a lot of opportunity for that in this series because Junie B is always breaking rules. My kids like Junie B., but she is just so annoying. Even her name– Junie B. Don’t like it.

Also, Junie B. is unattractive– unattractive in the way that your normally adorable kid is when she makes an annoying face at you. Junie B. doesn’t look like a princess, and that’s good, but she’s so often pictured pinching her nose, grimacing, or pouting, especially on the book’s covers. And I think taking her to this level ultimately reinforces the princess look because it makes it seem as if those are your choices: sterotypical girl with flowing hair or a frowning girl sticking her tongue out.

The book covers don’t only feature Junie B at her physical worst, the titles themselves are hard to take: Junie B. and the Stupid, Smelly Bus; Junie B. Jones and Her Big Fat Mouth. Junie B. is always calling something fat or stupid and saying she hates stuff– all words my kids are not allowed to use.

I’m going to give this series a ***GG*** because it is all about a girl, and my kids like it, and like to read it themselves. I don’t!

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