The Lion King

My three year old and I are watching it right now. I have to say, I love the Lion King and the opening scene is one of the all time best in animated movie history– where Mustapha holds up his son and all the animals bow and the Elton John music rocks in the background.

I do have my complaints– the title again features the boy, of course, and it is his coming of age story as well as a father-son story. Nahla, Simba’s best freind is pretty cool and brave, but as I wrote about in my SJ Mercury News piece, apparently not brave or strong enough to actually topple weak Scar. Seriously, any of those lionesses could have taken him on, but don’t, I guess because they are girls.

The music I think is great, Elton John can’t really go wrong iwth lyrics. I love the Nazi-esque Scar scene. I love Scar who I think is played by Jeremy Irons. He’s awesome. Why do so many evil animated characrters have green eyes? I love all the animals, I love the scenes of Africa. It gets one S and one G. I’m going to figure out a better way to display these ratings and give them some symbols.

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