What do you do when you are watching TV with your kids and commercials come on? I always say to my kids, “What are they trying to sell us?” It’s kind of like a game for us, because often it’s really hard to figure it out. Or it can be a learning game, for example that a talking lizard (is it a lizard?) is selling Geico Insurance. What is insurance? Why do we need it? When they guess what is being sold, sometimes with hints (“Do you see the car with they keep showing us?) I ask, “Do we want that?” And they say, “NO!” Yes, I am programming them, but better me than Lexus…

2 thoughts on “Commercials

  1. It’s a gecko…and I know that because…I’ve watched the commercials wayyyy too many times, without thinking, and somehow it got programmed into my brain 😉 So – I agree completely. An analytical conversation – age appropriate and brief as it may be – immediately creates a more self-controlled mindset instead of blind absorption.

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